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Gentlemans Club

When looking for a gentlemans club in Rochester, we know that there are plenty of considerations. First, you consider the plans for the evening, night out with the guys, bachelor party, some quiet time with your wife or girlfriend? It used to be that each of these situations led to a different establishment.
There is a gentlemans club in Rochester that has beautiful girls, a great staff, and a comfortable atmosphere. If you haven’t been to The Barrel in a while, you owe it to yourself to check us out. This is not the average topless bar. We have high-def screens everywhere, showing the sports and events that you want to see, but with much better scenery than your local sports bar.

With daily drink specials, gorgeous ladies, a female friendly and a safe atmosphere, who wouldn’t want to be here? We encourage our customers to act and dress the part to ensure a good time for all!

For those of you with a sense of decorum and style who are looking to entertain your friends or business partners in an upscale adult establishment, we can’t wait to see you! There are many choices in the topless industry, you may as well find the best while you are here, and we can’t wait to see you again!

Get comfortable in our all new lounge space!

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